Be a Survivor

Did you know that many people with supposed fatal illnesses manage to survive them?  Gathered from research that began in the mid-1980’s, these are the attitudes the survivors held in common:
1.         Present – centeredness
2.         Forgiveness of others
3.         Release of blame, bitterness, chronic anger
4.         Acceptance of death:  release the stress of death-fear, and thereby fully appreciate the goodness of daily life.
5.         Humor
6.         Reduced attachment to outcome.  Increased commitment to life change, resulting in increased meaning and dignity.
7.         Iron-clad faith and hope in something larger than themselves.  (Spirituality becomes more important than running from death.)
8.         Refusal to accept the death-prognosis personally.
9.         Plausible explanation for their improved health, and a belief about how they can stay well.
10.       Supportive community who believes in the person’s chosen cure.  These friends protect and insulate the person from the doomsayers.
11.       Survivors experience a quantum change in every aspect of life and in the way they approach everything. Major alteration in personality and relationships. They are not the same person they used to be.

The above are my notes from a lecture given by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona in 2004, when he was doing ‘Coyote Healing’ research and working with Dr. Andrew Weil.  His work has expanded greatly since then.  For more information see

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