Healing Code You Can Do Yourself

Looking for a simple and powerful method of energy healing?  Check out The Healing Code book by Alex Loyd ND and Ben Johnson NMD (2010).

The Universal Healing Code asks for Divine healing, like a prayer out loud, while you apply your fingertips, shining like little flashlights, two to three inches from the body, pointing for awhile at each of the four healing centers around the head.  The book is written from a Christian perspective, but the authors stress that your own connection with the Divine, in whatever form you feel it, is the most important ingredient for this healing method. corner stones by Diane

So when you see their invocation (below),  if you’re not comfortable with the word ‘God,’ then use your own term:  the Universe, Source, Great Spirit, Creator, my Divine Higher Self, my Divine helpers/Angels, Divine Father/Mother  – use what is meaningful for you.  Of course this presupposes that you do have a belief and trust in some kind of Higher Power that is more than your own physical body/self/ego.  (If you’re unsure about the phrase “I pray” – you can say “I ask.”  The important thing is that you do ask.  You are seeking help – from your Source.)

You will learn a lot from this book and its how-to illustrations.  After you get the book, you can download extra materials from thehealingcodebook.com.  These include a personal assessment and helpful chart to use for your own path toward full health.

To quench your curiosity, I’ll share the bare-bones outline of the method, which I am sure thousands of people are already teaching to each other:

Take your issue and examine your feelings and beliefs related to it.  Then find your earliest memory or strongest memory of feeling this same way.  Say the prayer/invocation for healing, then with gently curved hands, point all your fingertips at the first Healing Center (2″ to 3″ from the skin).  You will hold each position for a half-minute or so, while repeating a statement that brings light and ease to your issue (like giving yourself a pep talk, reviewing times when this issue has been strong and healthy, or simply voicing how the Divine loves and supports you).  You will rotate through each of the four positions, several times, spending a total of 6 minutes – or longer – before you stop.  Give Thanks.

The authors recommend doing the Healing Code three times a day on your issue.  You can do it more often if you like.  You can also do it for other people, from a distance, using their name in the prayer.

The Four Healing Centers in the order you will use them:

  1. Bridge:  between the bridge of the nose and the level of the eyebrows:  the approximately 1-inch area between the eyes
  2. Adam’s apple:   at the Adam’s apple, middle of the throat/neck
  3. Jaws:  the bottom back corner of the jawbone, on both sides of the head
  4. Temples:  a half-inch above the temple and half-inch toward back of head, on both sides of head

The Sequence

  1. Rate your issue 0-10, 10 being the most painful
  2. find the feelings and unhealthy beliefs related to your issue
  3. find the Memory of another time when you felt this same way.  Circumstances may have been different, but the feeling was the same.  Find your earliest or strongest memory of this feeling.
  4. Rate that memory 0-10  (work on earliest or strongest memory first)
  5. Say this prayer/invocation for healing, inserting the issues you uncovered (such as “that event when I was six, my grief/fear/anger, my back pain”):
    “I pray (I ask) that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cellular memories, and all physical issues related to ______________ (my issue) would be found, opened and healed by filling me with the light, life and love of God (the Universe, Highest Source, Divine Higher Self).  I also pray that the effectiveness of this healing be increased by 100 times or more.”
  6. As you begin holding your fingertips toward the Bridge position, repeat a “Truth Focus Statement” that counteracts any unhealthy belief.  You can create your own, or use these from the book or website.  It should be an affirming healthy-belief statement, specific to your issue (“my back knows how to be strong and pain-free; and it often is”), or you may use general affirming statements (“I am loved.  The Universe wants to give me love and abundant health.  God loves me always no matter what.  Source wants me to feel good.”)
  7. After staying at Bridge position for a half-minute or more, move on to the Adam’s apple for at least a half-minute, and from there gradually to Jaws, then Temples.  Keep going for 6 minutes or longer, until satisfied.  You may do several rounds.  With full intention and heart-filled connection to the Divine, you may find it takes about two rounds for the 6 minutes to pass.  Enjoy feeling the energy at each of these centers.  Bless them.  Thank your Source for these beautiful blessings and for the ease that is always available, when we drop our concerns.
  8. After doing the Code, rate your issue again 0-10.  When the earliest/strongest memory is down to 0 or 1, then work on the next issue/memory that bothers you.

with lovingkindness –


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