Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse with Preparation Diet

GALLBLADDER-LIVER  FLUSH with Preparation Diet

This detoxification is a safe and simple way to release gallstones without surgery.
It enhances overall health when done annually.  (I’ve been using it myself since the 1980’s.)  This recipe or variations of it have brought relief, worldwide, for decades.

If in gallbladder pain:
first look at  gallbladder pain relief suggestions
AND use this gallbladder pain-relieving diet for 1-2 wks before the flush:

  1. Whole Grains (unrefined), fiber, wheat bran American Journal of Surgery 1978
  2. Increase Vegetable Protein (especially soy products ) British Medical Journal
  3. Consume lots of Pectin (apples, especially green apples) Experientia journal 1983
  4. Consume foods containing Cellulose (Celery and Crisp Fruits & Vegetables)
  5. Reduce (eliminate) Saturated Fat; no fried or deep fried foods
  6. Reduce (eliminate) Animal Meat intake  Lipids journal
  7. Eliminate White Flour & White Sugar  University of Florida Dept of Medicine 1983
  8. Avoid ice-cold foods and drinks – room temperature or slightly warm is best.
  9. Drink 8+ glasses of water per day to liquefy your bile.
    Continue the above diet to prevent future gallbladder attacks.

Gallstone Flush (to pass stones on 7th day)
If you are in no pain, and using this cleanse as a preventative, you may start right in without the above diet changes.

1.   For six consecutive days drink at least a quart (1-2 quarts) of organic apple juice per day.  (Green apples have a higher pectin content than red apples.  It would be best to juice green apples, but if not, then eat organic green apples in addition to your quota of apple juice.)  Drink 8 glasses of water or more per day.  You may have 5 cups chamomile tea per day.  Hydration is important for this and every cleanse.

2.   On the sixth day, eat a non-fat lunch (no dairy/oil/fat).  Three hours later, take 2 teaspoons Epsom salts dissolved in two ounces of hot water (may use more water, but it tastes bad any way you do it – can follow it with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice).  Try to drink one gallon of water during the next couple hours.

3.   Five hours after lunch, repeat 2 teaspoons Epsom salts, as above.  Supper is grapefruit, grapefruit juice or other citrus.  If you can’t eat citrus, substitute apple juice.

4.   After finishing your bedtime routine and last bathroom visit, just before bed:  mix a half-cup (120ml) freshly squeezed lemon or grapefruit juice with a half-cup (120ml) of cold-pressed, unrefined extra virgin olive oil.
(By definition “unrefined” is “extra virgin” – cold-pressed, less than 1% oleic acid. At least use the purest olive oil you can find.)
Be sure to remove all pulp from this drink.  Shake it up in a jar to blend.  (Some prefer drinking through a straw.)  Drink this within 5 minutes.  Queasiness is normal – this will pass.

5.   Go to bed immediately and lie on your right side for 20 to 30 minutes with your right knee (or both knees) drawn up to your chest.  This angle helps the oil interact with the gall bladder.  Relax quietly.  You may feel tiny gurgles or stones drifting down the duct.

6.    Early morning take one last dose Epsom salts, as before, 2 tsp in about 2 oz water.  However you may omit this step if your belly is already rumbling.
Drink extra water, a couple of liters.  Stay home, close to a bathroom, as you will hurry to it often.
You will pass soft green balls, from the size of peppercorns to cherry stones.  They float because they are gallstones, made of cholesterol.  (Most of them crumble easily into a waxy fatty texture.)
Drink at least two quarts of water this morning.  By midmorning you may have fruit juice, then fruit.  Eat a light lunch.  You will feel a bit drained, but fine by afternoon.

Pectin (apples, especially green apples) softens and dissolves gallstones.
Epsom salts (magnesium sulphates) open the bile duct so stones pass easily, plus loosen up the bowels.
Extra water should be consumed to flush the whole body during this process (a liter per hour or more).

For most people this flush is a painless procedure.  In the very unlikely event that you have pain during the flush (night 6 or day 7), drink tons of water, apple juice, chamomile tea.  Rest assured this flush is completely safe for your body.  No harm will come of it.  If you pass a large number of stones, repeat this flush in three weeks.

Tell your friends.  As more people find relief without surgery, unnecessary surgeries will diminish.

Another helpful method to relax the gall bladder is special body work called Visceral Manipulation:

One important caveat:
In the worst cases a person may have a gangrenous gallbladder. This means the gallbladder dies and creates a big infection that can be fatal. (More common in older people, but can happen at any age.) Surgery is necessary for this.

Understand that on the internet we are simply sharing ideas.
Not every idea is good for every person.

Thanks for letting us know how the flush goes for you.

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A bit graphic, but full disclosure:

gallstones 10 20 15

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6 Responses to Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse with Preparation Diet

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  2. Sharon Lonsdale says:

    Do you eat meals during the flush or is it a fast, just drinking the apple juice, etc?


    • Hi Sharon – Yes you eat whatever you like most of the week, plus the apple juice. On the sixth day, eat a non-fat lunch (no oils, no dairy, no fats) – and for supper that evening you are basically on grapefruit juice and water. Be sure to drink plenty of extra water all week, but especially that 6th day into the next day (when you will purge). Keep me posted – this is a great cleanse – let me know how you do. – Diane


  3. Received from a reader:
    Will this gallbladder flush really work.
    I’m afraid I may have big gallstones and how will they pass. I had an ultrasound done with multiple gallstones but don’t know their size.
    Have been in lots of pain and very bloated. I have tried natural remedies such as lemon water, dandelions and apple juice with apple cider vinegar but to little relief. Not sure what to do. Doctors say I need surgery done.

    Hello Mariah,
    I’m sorry to hear about your continued pain.
    Certainly there are cases where a person does need surgery. You will need to follow your own guidance on this.
    This free advice blog should not be taken as the ultimate authority. We are not giving medical treatment here, only sharing ideas.
    Each person’s situation is unique.

    In the worst cases a person may have a gangrenous gallbladder. This means the gallbladder dies and creates a big infection that can be fatal. (More common in older people, but can happen at any age.)

    Yet there are ways to alleviate gallstones without surgery.
    In the earliest phases of this condition, gallstones are not as hard as stones but somewhat soft and crumbly. They are firm enough to cause pain.

    If a person decided to try the alternative style of treatment, my best free advice, non-medical remedy, would be to spend 1 month:

    * Drinking a large amount of Celtic salt water (2 gallons a day) as described in Most of us have somewhat dehydrated tissues in our body. Excellent hydration will, in time, help all tissues and all flows in the body.

    * Using these suggestions and methods of pain relief

    * Eating green apples every day for a month to soften the gallstones, and following the extremely healthy diet in this link for a month, before trying the cleanse (which takes about a week – the cleanse would be week 5 in such a plan).

    Some people, when they do the cleanse, experience more pain, and they need to drink tons of water to flush out everything during the cleanse. This is a good idea anyhow.

    It may help to get special body work called Visceral Manipulation:

    HOWEVER if your pain is already extreme and none of the above ideas are helping, and if you don’t feel that you have a month to try all this, then by all means please return to your doctor.

    Again you need to tune into your own guidance on this. Pray on it. Listen to your body. You will have to decide what is best for you.
    It may help if you talked over your situation with a good friend, to get some perspective on it.
    We don’t want you to have a horrible outcome. Please do what is best for you.
    Understand that on the internet people are simply sharing ideas. Not every idea is good for every person.

    To Your Good Health,


  4. Joey says:

    I was skeptical. I figured “If you chug a half cup of oil, your poop will float, it doesn’t mean it’s a gallstone”. Not having great alternatives I tried it though. On the last day of the cleanse the pressure in my gallbladder just went down, and down, and by the end of the day I was as good as new. I might make this an annual thing, just to upkeep. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Joey,
      It gives me a big smile to hear from you!
      Absolutely I have also thought same thing: oil floats, so are these really gallstones?

      But through the years I have inspected my expelled gallstones sometimes (cuz you know I’m a nurse, I don’t mind investigating poop).

      Gallstones are composed of cholesterol, which is waxy and fatty (naturally floating).
      Upon inspection, my gallstones were easily crumbled into a waxy fatty textured substance
      (like melted and cooled animal fat on dirty dishes – not to gross out too much).

      This, plus the fact that symptoms are relieved, convinced me without a doubt that this cleanse does work.

      It is definitely worthwhile, and usually the process is easy, smooth, and fairly comfortable to do.
      But as mentioned, if it feels uncomfortable, the person should drink tons and tons of extra water to flush it out.

      When gallstones get old they can become quite large and firm. In those cases surgery may be needed.
      (As for me, I would try this cleanse first – but ALWAYS follow your own guidance.)
      A necrotic (dying) gallbladder always needs urgent surgery.

      I am delighted to hear that you are feeling better from the cleanse.

      Yes it’s a great idea to do it annually as preventive care.
      Decades ago when I started using it, I was doing it every 6 months and then annually.

      Take Care –


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