Strengthen First and Second Chakras to Survive and Thrive

For most of our population, upper chakras are stronger than lower chakras.  We are energetically top-heavy and we live in our heads too much.  We need to be more Grounded to the earth via the lower chakras.  Being Grounded also means we are Present to the Moment.  The following are suggestions to help strengthen 1st and 2nd chakras.

First Chakra – survival, money, my right to be in this world/earth
Spontaneity – develop Instinct
Put faith in intuition and feeling, not so much in thinking.
Don’t dissociate head from body.
Self-nurture, self-parent.
Warm bath
Massage, aromatherapy, reflexology.
Exercise the sense of touch & sense of smell.
Dancing and drumming
Yoga & exercise, Walking or stamping feet.
Feel the earth through your feet as you walk outdoors.
Dig in the dirt; enjoy gardening
Don’t get terminally busy – relax.
Beware of low assertiveness, repressed anger.
Beware of selfishness, lack of concern for others.
Connect with Nature and solid Matter.  Don’t disdain or detach from the physical world.
Focus on your strengths.  Don’t fear your powerlessness; don’t obsess over anything.
Attend to practical matters – complete tasks, organize your surroundings.
Feel your feet, legs, hips, and whole body grounded to the earth, fully supported.

Second Chakra – creativity, fun, sex, my right to feel and to desiresubnavel and splenic both belong to 2nd chakra
Fluidity, Flexibility, ability to change focus
Ebb and flow of emotions is like water flowing.
Detoxification at all levels of life  (Pain can get lodged – so release it).
Reservoir of life-energy, chi, prana – let it FLOW in and out.
Release stress.
Movement – get up and go:  enjoy your body’s fluidity.
Curiosity about the world outside ourselves –
Enjoyment, pleasure, sensation –
Play and creativity – like a little child.
Use all 5+ senses – try feeling sensual with touch, taste, smell . . .
Note your gut feelings and give them more credence.
Flow in harmony with your own energy and your surroundings.
Release repression or guilt about feelings or desires.
Imbalance if we get fixated on the inappropriate or unrealistic.
Engage in a FUN creative project 20 min everyday: finger-painting, drawing, crafts, flower arranging; cook or present a lovely meal; play a musical instrument; do whatever creates beauty in any form.

(-; Become as a little child, with a fresh sense of wonder and fun, to enter the kingdom of heaven . . . which is always available right here within . . .)


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