Zero-point Field and Coherent Energy

The following is an overview of Lynne McTaggart’s The Field as it relates to health.  I wrote this up in March of 2007 to share with our “Bridge the Gap” discussion group (bridging the gap between conventional and alternative medicine).
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How does Quantum Physics support health and wellness?
The physical world is not matter, but energy; not particles, but waves.
Waves connect everything and communicate with everything.
Waves get in phase with each other when they peak or trough at the same time, in synch → whereupon the waves exchange information, and they ‘know’ each other forevermore.
‘Nonlocality’ → every part of the universe can be in touch with every other part instantaneously.

1970 Fritz-Albert Popp — photo-repair research; light in the body does photo-repair; carcinogens block light.
1976 Popp began measuring natural photons in living things — Photons in living systems are super-coherent with each other.
Quantum coherence means the ability to cooperate and communicate.
“Coherence establishes communication.”  (connection!)

Popp found that DNA, when unraveled, releases light – DNA is like a master tuning fork, striking a particular frequency which other molecules will follow.

1940s Yale neuroanatomist Harold S. Burr measured electrical fields around salamanders & organisms.  (Perhaps one of the first scientific proofs of the aura.)

Physicist Herbert Frohlich’s studies have shown that “once energy reaches a certain threshold, molecules begin to vibrate in unison, until they reach a high level of coherence.  The moment molecules reach this coherence, they take on certain qualities of quantum mechanics, including nonlocality.”  They can operate in tandem.

Popp continued testing light, and found that “all living things – from the most basic of plants or animals, to human beings . . . emitted a permanent current of photons, from only a few to hundreds.”
Popp also found that in healthy people, light emissions followed the patterns of biological rhythms.
But “cancer patients had lost these periodic rhythms and their coherence.  The lines of internal communication were scrambled.  They had lost their connection with the world.  In effect, their light was going out.”
“. . . multiple sclerosis patients were in a state of too much order, taking in too much light, which inhibited the cells from doing their job.”
“Perfect coherence is an optimum state just between chaos and order.”

Popp measured light emitted from foods.  The healthiest food had the “most coherent intensity of light.”   “Health was a state of perfect subatomic communication, and ill health was a state where communication breaks down.  We are ill when our waves are out of synch.”

When we eat plant foods, we take up the photons and store them.  This light energy becomes the driving force for all the molecules in our body.  At different frequencies photons perform different functions.

Chinese acupuncture:  life force enters through meridian points, which have a dramatically decreased electrical resistance compared to that of the skin surrounding them.  (10 kilo-ohms at center of point, compared to 3 mega-ohms in surrounding skin)

Copper Wall Project in Topeka, KS:  researcher Elmer Green put healers into copper rooms  — the healers generated surges greater than 60 volts during healing sessions.

Studies of  Chinese Qigong masters show evidence of “photon emission and electromagnetic fields during healing sessions.”
These surges of energy may be evidence of “a healer’s greater coherence – his ability to marshal his own quantum energy and transfer it to the less organized recipient.”
                          *all lines in quotes above were taken from The Field, by Lynne McTaggart
“We all have this energy within us; it’s our nature.  As we become more peaceful, we become more coherent, and our energy flows more easily.  Find greater health and relaxation with good diet, exercise, yoga, Qigong.  Try moving energy before and after Qigong – see the difference.
Coherence happens when you touch another person and your aura joins with theirs.  Try this with a partner, touching hands.  You’ll know the moment when you become synchronous with the other person.”
 — Rosie Carey, LifeLight Energy Healer

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